Isn’t This Nice?

Slice of Life: Day 18

This morning my son and I went for a walk to start our day.  The air was crisp, but we had our hat and gloves and we were ready.
“Do you want to scooter?”
“Are you going to run?”
“No, I think I just want to walk with you.”
Much to my surprise, “Oh, ok.”
So off we started, dog in tow.  By the second house, my son reached over and placed his gloved hand inside of mine and we walked hand in hand down the street.  Nothing warmed my heart more than being so close to my son and enjoying the quiet morning together.  Just us and the dog.  We talked about nothing and everything.  We planned out our day, commented on what we saw.  As we took the small loop in our neighborhood back home we heard geese honking in the distance.  We turned toward the pond and peered through the opening in the houses where two big trees once stood.  Two geese flew off from the lake headed toward the house we were in front of and then circled back around toward the lake.  My son and I gazed up at the sky tracking the geese.  As they flew out of sight my son commented, “Isn’t this nice?”
“Isn’t what nice?”
“This.  Just being together and walking.”
I thought his hand in mine would be the highlight of my day, the moment to cherish, but, no, those simple words I will carry with me close to my heart.  I pulled him close and hugged him.
“Yes, buddy.  This is really nice.”
And, then, he and I, hand in hand, continued on our walk home.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t This Nice?

  1. Yes, isn’t this nice. “We talked about everything and nothing.” This line sticks with me as I think we will all more have conversations like this in the days ahead. Thank you for sharing such a tender moment.


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