Today Got To Me

Slice of Life: Day 21

Today was day 7 being home with my kids and today felt like a three ring circus.  I was sitting at the table with my son to my right starting a new Lego, my daughter to my left setting up the game Thin Ice and I in the middle with my computer answering a student’s question, looking for an answer key to post for a parent and a colleague trying to set up a video call with me!

“Olivia, can I please help you?!”
“No, I got it.”
  A 2 year old does not have the hand eye coordination to put the pieces together.
“Can I pour the water for you?”
“No, I got it.”
Again, a 2 year old does not have the hand eye coordination to pour water into a teeny tiny area.  Curse my mom for bringing this game over and then deciding today was the day she was going to heed the advice and start staying home!
“Mom, can you help me find this piece?”
“Mom, can you help me put this piece on?”
“Mom, is this right?”
All while trying to work out a math problem, post the picture, download the answer key, find the right pages and post it and respond to an email…. and where is my husband in all of this?!!
Today got to me.  Today was a balancing act and it makes me have empathy for the parents of my students at home who are juggling it all as well.  Here’s to learning from today and tomorrow being better.

6 thoughts on “Today Got To Me

  1. Tina, you are a super mom, amazing teacher and incredible human being! Never have figured out how you manage it all with such grace, all of the time! Hang in there, give yourself a break, if anyone can do this, it’s you! Tell Matt he can come out of hiding and it’s your turn to take a break 🙂

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  2. So much yes! I hear this. My kids are a little older (9 and 7) but this is all a total juggling act amid really frightening times. I totally hear you in this piece! Hang in there.


  3. I was telling my husband that these times make me thankful for being an empty nester, because we’re not having to juggle children’s needs on top of our own professional ones. I hope you are giving yourself credit for all that you are doing, and finding some time just to breathe and be in the midst of the chaos.


  4. I feel you on this! My two year old also claims to want to do everything herself and yet needs me next to her for every moment of the day. I hope you find solace in knowing you’re not alone in some days getting to us. I’ve had a few this week. Followed by earlier than normal glasses of wine.


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