Today was chalk day

Slice of Life: Day 23

Our neighborhood has banded together during this time to keep the kids occupied and to get outside, so we started last week by posting shamrocks in our windows.  My son loved riding around the neighborhood looking at each home in search of shamrocks!  So, we have kept this going and have created a schedule through mid-April.  Today was chalk your sidewalk and driveway.

Before lunch we headed outside in our winter coat and gloves to chalk the driveway.  Olivia was in charge of the chalk bucket and found a spot at the end of the driveway to test out all of the chalk colors by drawing lines.  Luke picked a spot and started sounding out words for his message.

“Mom, how do you spell are?”

“A. R. E.”

“Thanks Mom.”

I started with “We heart Allendale” followed by a rainbow cloud combo with a pot of gold at the end.

Much to my husband’s eye rolling and “Are you serious?” glares, he got to work scrolling our last name in block letters in the middle of the driveway followed by… a poop emoji!

“See, and, you thought this wouldn’t be fun!” I giggled.

But, really, I am thinking, “Of all the things you can draw, that’s what you pick for ALL to see?!”

I wonder, “Who are the little kids out here?”

It always comes back to poop!  Why do kids and my husband think it is so funny?!

We stood back to admire our colorful words and creations!  Of all the words and drawings, I adored my sons the most, “You are the best neighbors!”  The words of my 5 year old couldn’t ring truer and he chose to write this without any prompting from my husband or I.  I am glad he feels the same.  We have the best neighbors and we always find a way to come together!  Tomorrow is zoo day and we look forward to seeing the stuffies that will be propped up in the front windows.  Our selections have already been made!

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