The Power of Chocolate

Slice of Life: Day 25

Today I didn’t expect a small act a kindness or something my husband says is being so considerate to make such a difference.  Today, I had to make a trip to the store because we go through milk and fruit so fast that I decided to swing down the candy aisle.  I picked up the last bag of the darkest dark chocolate squares they have for my husband.  When I returned home he was already in a good mood because his new computer monitor had arrived for his current home office! He helped bring in the grocery bags and then left to continue tinkering with his new  and improved work station.  As I unpacked everything, I filled a bowl for us of colorful Easter themed M & M and then cut the top off his bag, removed one square and put the rest in the pantry.  Oh, those chocolate morsels tasted so sweet and good.  Oh I have missed you as I think I gained a little bit of sanity back in that moment.  I walked down the hall to the office and held the chocolate square out to my husband.  His eyes lit up and he snatched it before I could even blink.  “Oh my God, I love you so much!”
“I thought you may be needing some.”
“You’re the best!”
A kiss to his cheek as his tore open the package and bit into the bitterness of the chocolate.
“Oh, it’s so good.  I think I need another one.”
And just like that the simplicity of chocolate brought us the happiness and pick me up we were needing.  Ahh, the power of chocolate!

4 thoughts on “The Power of Chocolate

  1. I have been craving chocolate all week and we are quarantined and I am stuck at home unable to go out, and deliveries are backed up until a week from Saturday.


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