Easter Prep

Slice of Life: Day 26

Today we made it seem like everything was normal.  I had ordered some Spring and Easter decorations online.  First, it was the bunny, carrot, Happy Spring door hanger on the front door.  Then, my kids found the yard signs.
“Baby, you get two and I get two.  That’s fair.”
No protest from the little one.
Out we headed, “I know where this one should go!”, he yelled as he ran down the driveway.
The first sign plunged into the ground under the mailbox.  Next, they both head to the tulip bed where the green leaves have begun to reach up and out of the ground.  Two get smooshed in the ground there.  Last, the flower pot next to the front door.  They both work together to put it in just right.  All in hopes that the Easter Bunny will find our house and an egg hunt will be had.  I also bought plastic eggs and chocolate shaped eggs and jelly beans to fill them with.  Along with bunny rabbits, a small toy for each of them and new spring outfits.  I really don’t think the Easter Bunny is coming nor do I think we will be celebrating with extended family, but in our house the dreams and hopes continue and Easter will be had- baskets, colored eggs, egg hunts and all!

3 thoughts on “Easter Prep

  1. I finally put away the St. Patrick’s banner and put up a spring wreath. I did buy egg coloring stuff last week. We can still do that! I think I need to dig out the Easter decorations. This dining room table is looking sad!


  2. Love that you’re continuing normalcy for your kiddos. That’s the best thing right now. Years down the road- they won’t be any the wiser 🙂 They’ll just remember all the extra fun time they got with their AWESOME MOMMA!


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