Morning Alarm

Slice of Life: Day 27

Everyday is the same in that I set my alarm, I get up early and I am ready before the kids get up.  Because of this, I am always the one to go get the kids when they wake up! The kids waking up has now become his alarm and the start to his day.  Just once, I would like to sleep in late, I would like to use the kids as my alarm clock to signal I can wake up and take my time getting ready because someone else is managing the kids!
But, there is no one else aside from the sleeping one next to me, snuggled cozily under the covers… I wonder if he can feel me glaring at him or sense the disdain oozing from my fingers as I blog about him… Somethings may never change, so I will wait for the sound of my name to signal me to go get the kids, get them dressed and to start breakfast.  Only then more than halfway through breakfast will he appear to the giggly delight of the kids! My glee does not seem to match theirs…  maybe tomorrow will be different, I mean it is the weekend.  One can hope!

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