Mini Spa Day

Slice of Life: Day 28

This morning as I was getting ready my daughter joined me in the bathroom.

After noticing my newly painted toes she said, “Mamma, paint?”

“Sure baby, I will paint your nails.”

She crouches down about to open the cabinet where my box of colorful nail polish is kept, but I quick grab the pink bottle off the counter and declare, “Let’s use this one.”

“Match Momma?”

“Yes, you and I will match.”

She holds out a fingernail and says, “Paint this.  No, paint my toes like Momma.”

She gleefully pulls off her socks and shows me her toes.  Usually I only paint 1 or  2 sometimes 3 fingernails and they are usually in an array of colors, but today we were moving on to the toes!

Olivia sat contently oohing and aahing as I painted her toes in a sparkly fuchsia pink color.  I knew the paint would get smudged and her wiggly toes would smear the paint before they dried, but she was happy and so excited to be like mom!

“There all done.”  I leaned back to admire my handy work.

“Now this one.”  As she splayed her unpainted toes from the other foot out in front of me.

“Ok on to the next.”

Hehe.  Ooh.  Aah.

“So pretty!  We show Daddy!”

“Ok, I will carry you down so that they can dry.”

So, there bundled in my arms, feet outstretched our mini spa day ended and we went to show off our newly painted sparkly toes!

I look forward to the day when she and I can go get an actual pedicure together and the glee and excitement can continue because who doesn’t like a little pampering!

3 thoughts on “Mini Spa Day

  1. Such a sweet little memory to write for safekeeping! My daughter loved, still loves nail polish, and it’s one of the few things we’re not allowed to ship overseas via US Mail…sigh. Looking forward to her return to the US to share the joys of fingernail polish again!


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