A Day Off

Slice of Life Day 4

Throughout this pandemic there have been very few times that I have been home by myself.  I honestly could probably count the times on one hand.  There is something about sending the kids off to school and the hubby off to work and then there’s silence.  No one needing something, no being responsible for little people, no chores or to-do’s that need immediate attention.  It is that chance to sit down with my coffee and watch the morning news show by myself with no judgment of just sitting and enjoying the slow start to my day.

Today I have a day off!

Now, the hubby is still working from home and I will hear his constant alerts of meetings and his bellowing voice from the office, but the kids are off to school!  I still get gitty just knowing I have some sense of solitude! It made getting up a little easier.  I climbed back into bed waiting for the kids to get up.  Just nestled back under the covers with no sense of urgency.  No rush to pack lunches, or backpacks.  I can just wait until the house wakes itself.  It is this silence and peace that I most enjoy! My pandemic days at home look different than a year ago, but I will take this day and so appreciate all it has to offer!

4 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. Enjoy the day off. It is precious. Do things that bring you joy. This is the best way to build your resilience and fill your cup to be happy.


  2. I hope your day is restful and rejuvenating. I admit, I’m a little scared to take a personal day, and I’d never be pre-pandemic. I’m just not sure what my students would do without the structure of me in class. (I know this is a ridiculous worry.)
    Good for you still enjoying being home after a year of lockdowns and quarantines.


  3. Yes to a day off! Teaching and momming in a pandemic has brought on a new level of exhaustion for us all! I love the line “I can just wait until the house wakes itself.” The personification makes me think that the house itself is truly asleep when all the noise has died down for the night. Maybe it’s true? 😉


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