Slice of Life Day 14

I have been meaning to go through my kids’ clothes for weeks now! Every day my son either gets dressed in pants too short or my daughter wants to wear some Christmas themed outfit! Earlier this week my daughter wanted to wear a shirt that had a penguin with presents on it. I quickly hid the candy cane striped pants and hoped she wouldn’t remember what the completed outfit looked like.

With my son, once he is dressed a mere mention of changing sends him into a fit of rage! Stomping, yelling, door slamming. I have finally given up. He only goes to school two days a week, so I at least try, and hope, that he looks presentable at least those two days. The other days he is home and running around the background or hiking in the woods. He and his friends could care less about the clothes they wear. And, if he wants to wear pants that only hit his ankles, so be it! He makes his tight sweatpants almost look trendy. Thank goodness he currently hates wearing jeans or the floods would just not have the same look.

Today I went up into my daughter’s room and put away the holiday and past season themed outfits. They may still fit next year…. doubtful! Or we may go on some cool winter-like vacation that requires warm clothes… even more doubtful! As I open up the other drawers I find shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, and summer PJs all too small! When did my baby girl outgrow all of these clothes?! It made me somewhat sad bagging them all up. No point in keeping clothes she will never fit into. Someone else can wear the clothes that hold so many memories. I thought I was ahead of the game in ordering swimsuits earlier this weekend only to realize I may have bought the wrong size and now she needs an entire spring and summer wardrobe. Target here I come! My daughter is easy. I can sort her clothes when she is not around and make them disappear with her being none the wiser. My son, on the other hand, needs to try on some of his clothes, and that he loathes more than being told to change his outfit!

I started to go through his drawers making piles of what I know won’t fit and what I am uncertain of. He has grown so much these past months, but is still in an awkward in between sizes where some fit and some do not. I have given him the heads up that we will be trying on clothes this weekend! He started to complain, but then in his sweet little boy voice changed his tune and said, “OK, Mom!” Maybe this won’t be so bad. Maybe if I catch him at the perfect moment in the perfect mood this will be a painless task… doubtful! Maybe many of his spring and summer clothes will still fit… doubtful! Ugh, wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Doubtful

  1. I feel your pain in this post. My son will only wear joggers right now. If they are a touch too big or small, it’s over. It is crazy how quickly they grow! New season, new wardrobe.


  2. I can tell by what my students come to school wearing, that there are many moms in your same boat at this time of year. Your first paragraph made me laugh out loud.


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