Slice of Life Day 15

As my kids get older, there are flashes when they do or say something and the feeling and reaction that rises inside me makes me think, “Wow, now I get it. I owe my parents an apology for when I did and said this to them! Especially to my mom.” I don’t even know what prompted my son to say it, but there it was attitude and all, full of snide and meant to elicit a response: “Whatever!” Such a flippant word. Such a flippant response, but the feeling and reaction that welled up inside of me resulted in nothing more than an “Ugh and a foot stomp out the door!” He knows it irritates me just as I knew it irritated my mom. I don’t know where I learned it, probably around the time Cher and Dion in Clueless started using it, as I could recite all the lines, but the word stung and carried meaning! I don’t know where he learned it, genetics, but the word still stings and is not meant just to roll off one’s tongue and roll off the back of the intended recipient. It is purposeful and calculated. At least he doesn’t use his index finger and thumb to make a W when he says it. That may just push me over the edge. So, mom, I am sorry! Lesson learned… many, many years later.

3 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. I wonder how old he will be when he realizes he needs to apologize to YOU! Ha! I have lots to apologize to my mom for also. I’m assuming we all do.


  2. It stinks you had this experience, but I love that you referenced Clueless!! I could even hear “what-ever!” In Cher’s voice!! I may need to watch it again soon 🙂 Although, I have found, some 90’s movies from my high school days are better left in the past…not always as good as an adult. lol.


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