So Many Questions

Slice of Life Day 21

Did I make the right choice?

Will the color look right?

Will the trim match?

What color should the front door be?

How about the garage?

Oh my gosh, I forgot about light fixtures!

What style should those be?

What color?

“Excuse me, what do you want above the garage?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Let me ask my husband.”

“Should it just be trimed in white? Should it be blue and white?” I cluelessy asked.

“I think just white,” answered my husband.

“Really? Not blue and white,” I retorted.

They are waiting for our decision…

So many questions.

So many decisions.

I hope I make all the right ones!

One thought on “So Many Questions

  1. I am not good at these decisions either. We are currently updating our house (built-in 2006 and we purchased it in 2007) doing things like light fixtures, fans, a bathroom, and some paint but I dread building the new one – all those decisions. Your post is me in about a year! Good luck!


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