Pinewood Derby

Slice of Life Day 1

This was our first pinewood derby experience and we had no expectations going into the night.  Our breaths were held the night before hoping that his car would pass weight and inspection.  The car met both requirements… phew! Despite my husband’s hands being coated in graphite, it was a success. 

We arrived early as I was the keeper of the snacks and my husband was volunteered, by me, to help assemble the track! Again, I held my breath hoping I bought enough snacks to feed a room filled with hungry elementary AND middle school boys! Many of them were either accompanied by only their dad or dropped off without the supervision of a mom saying, “You have had enough! Stop eating all the snacks!”  I watched as the chips, cookies, and juice pouches were consumed at an alarming rate! It brought me so much joy though to see the boys get to eat, talk, and enjoy each other’s company, finally, together!

Then on to the main event! The derby race! The boys cheered their cars and their friends’ cars so excited to see whose car would race across the finish line first.  There was fist pumping, oh yeahs, celebrating, and many pats on the back! Sheer joy and excitement for themselves and each other!

It was a night to remember and we came home with not 1, or 2, but 3 trophies! 2nd place in the Junior Division, Most Original car design, and 3rd place in the sibling race for his little sister! The trophies were an added bonus! Now on to the district derby event and what I foresee to be many more pinewood derby races in the years to come!

6 thoughts on “Pinewood Derby

  1. I have to admit I have no experience with a pinewood derby. You set me up well with your anxiety and then success. Congratulations to all involved because it was certainly a family team effort.


  2. My son competed in his first Pinewood Derby, too! Luckily, my husband competed when he was a kid, otherwise I think I would have been lost! When he told me he had to bring the car somewhere to measure it and weigh it I thought he was joking. I learned so much, too!


  3. Ahhh, Pinewood Derby! I can’t remember how many we participated in raising two boys. I enjoyed reading your story and the memories that came flashing back. Nothing tops family fun times! And congratulations on the trophies!


  4. I know that graphite well. The PWD is significant stress for the parents and can be high emotions for the Kids. Our last one will (might) be in April. It was pushed out from January because of COVID, and he already crossed over to Boy Scouts.


  5. Such a sweet first slice! I always wonder if these racing events in scouts are more of a labor of love for the parents or if the kids are as equally invested in building their cars. Good job making memories and helping out tonight mom and dad!


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