The Perfect Day

Slice of Life Day 5

Today was the perfect kind of spring day mixed with the perfect kind of day off.  The glass screen door pulled down letting in the crisp wintery spring air.  There’s a candle burning radiating clean linen scent that makes it feel even more spring like. The littlest is taking a much needed nap and the monitor soothes with whirling white noise.  My oldest has a friend over for a playdate and giggles, whispers, and pitter patters fill the house.  I was relocated to the kitchen due to some needed cushions for the combined fort building and Nerf battle.  

“Alexa, play Kane Brown.”

“Mom, haven’t you heard Kane Brown enough.”

“No! Don’t you have a fort to build?!”

Nothing beats jamming in the kitchen mid afternoon on a spring like day, kids occupied… now time to bake!

The chance to bake because I want to and not because I need to and not because someone’s hunger immediately depends on it.  I enjoy baking with my kids, but sometimes it is nice to embark on this venture solo! I can make what I want void of anyone’s opinion.  I can lick the spoon or bowl or both without having to share!  The smell of sweet muffins wafts through the air mixing with the clean, crisp air.  Soon the troops will smell it too and all will gather to indulge.  I love these perfect days off.  

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