A Bit of Nostalgia

Slice of Life Day 6

Today we went for lunch at a deli where we used to live.  We try to go back every so often because the owner and the food are so wonderful.  It’s nostalgia at its best.  This is the town where my husband and I bought our first townhome. This is the town where our son was born.  I would walk him countless times from our townhome to the deli just so that we could get out of the house. The owner has watched our family grow over the years. Now today, I watch both my kids sitting at the table by the window.  A table I have sat at countless times.  What started with me and my husband, expanded with our parents and grandparents, and now with our children. I love this little town and it was the best place to start our lives together.  Despite it looking different and changing with the times, we will forever continue to come back for the food and the memories with the ones we love.

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