The Dreaded Phone Call

Slice of Life Day 15

There is no phone call I dread more when I am teaching than a call from my daughter’s daycare.  Today when I went to get my computer off my desk to project a document for class I noticed I had a voicemail. Another dreaded sign, anyone who needs me knows to text me when I am teaching unless it is daycare.  I looked at the missed call and sure enough, it was daycare! I gave directions to the class so I could listen to the message…

Olivia was exposed on Friday.  

Insert four letter words into my head! 

You will need to come pick her up.

Insert more four letter words!

She can return on Thursday.

You have got to be kidding me?! This is the third time this school year.

Now comes the Tetris logic puzzle to figure out who can watch our daughter for the next three days! It never fails, just when our schedules return to normal and everyone seems healthy, BAM, a curveball I didn’t see coming! 

Here’s to everyone staying healthy and this just being another inconvenience!

Ugh! Insert many four letter words!


4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Phone Call

  1. I feel your pain! I’m not a mom, but I am the one shifting all those puzzle pieces around when one of our teachers has to stay home with a sick child or a close contact child. I hope you can work it out!


  2. I feel this pain! Currently home with a child due to a daycare sickness, and pending one more tonight after a last minute pediatrician appointment at 5! Ugh! The better weather has to get some of these icky germs out! Hang in there, Mama!

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  3. I can only imagine the juggling act you are in for. It never happens on a Friday afternoon when you would only have to find help for one of the three days. Murphy’s Law. I hope she stays healthy.


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