Hand Drawn Map

Slice of Life Day 24

My mom is coming on Saturday to stay with our two kids for two nights while my husband and I take a long weekend to New Orleans.  On that Monday she will be taking my son to a day camp and my daughter to daycare.  

“Draw me a map,” she says.

I have wanted to get my mom a GPS navigation for her car for as long as I can remember and something always stops me.  She could use Google Maps on her phone, but something always goes wrong.  I told her to get navigation in her new car, but she was talked out of it.  So, I now draw her maps for going in and around town!

I get out my paper and pencil and draw the house and always include landmarks she knows: park, school, pool, library, golf course. I always make sure to color code stop signs and stoplights.  I don’t write out the turn by turn directions, I just include arrows showing the streets and turns to take.  I always get a chuckle out of making them and my mom always laughs when she sees it, but after she follows it she always says how easy it was to follow and she and the kids noticed all the landmarks along the way!

I wonder if I’ll ever get her a GPS or if I’ll just keep drawing her maps!


2 thoughts on “Hand Drawn Map

  1. I love that your mom wants a hand-drawn map! My mom would just tell us that all of the kids’ activities will be cancelled when she had them because she was only driving them to school and church! At least your mom is willing to run them around to their activities. Have a great trip!!

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